Labor issues

These are all social and occupational issues specifically related to the different sectors of work.It is also known as a group of functional factors that affect all individuals who are able to work within the community, and contribute to granting them a range of labor rights, which are concerned with legal and labor bodies in almost all countries of the world to ensure Making its application legal and realistic in return for ensuring that each employee or worker performs the required tasks properly, and based on the system of the facility in which he works. Labor rights It is a set of rights that all workers are entitled to, regardless of the nature of their work, or the jobs they perform, and are legal and binding rights and must be applied by the employers, and that any violation or violation of these rights is punishable by law, and obliged individuals exceeded to implement them In accordance with the legal provisions of each country. The most important labor rights: The right to determine the number of hours worked based on the nature of the work of the establishment. The right to pay salaries and wages on time. The right to grant workers, employees a set of annual, sick leave. The right to respect for employees' religious freedom. The right to provide time for rest during the period of work. Employees' right to receive remuneration and job incentives.

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