Family Law

Laws relating to marriage, divorce, child custody and inheritance are codified in the Hanbali school books and are within the jurisdiction of the Personal Status Courts polygamy is permitted but limited to 4 wives at a time. There is also no age limit for marriage and in 2009 the mufti of the kingdom stated that girls between the ages of 10 and 12 could marry. Men have the right to divorce their wives without legal justification and divorce is immediate and the divorced woman has the right to seek maintenance for the period prior to divorce on her right. Women can obtain a divorce with the permission of their husband or a lawsuit, even if their husband did not harm her based on the Hanbali codification. In practice, women can obtain khula with mosquitoes quickly. . For example, a woman cancels the marriage contract if her husband beats her. Or taking drugs or imprisoned, or has a history of drugs or ethical issues. The nursery system in Saudi Arabia: As for the custody of the mother is entitled to custody for saying peace be upon him: (from the difference between the mother and son difference between God and loved ones). In practice, a woman can get an urgent judgment for custody of her children before the judge hears the answer from her husband. The right of custody of the mother remains until the eligibility is lost or the male son chooses his father at the age of seven and has the right to visit her son. The girl at the age of seven remain at her mother to adulthood, and after puberty at the age of (15) have the right to choose her father or stay with her mother. When the mother loses eligibility, the nursery moves to her mother and is considered the grandmother of the nurses. The order of the father in the nursery is the third after the mother of children and then their grandmother and then the father according to the Hanbalis. With regard to inheritance, women inherit like men or more, unless the man in her status has half, and excluded from this brothers to the mother, male and female take the same amount while in one status.

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